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Our policy

1. The membership registration fees ofINR 1,000 Reimbursements for any tour package and hotels.

2. Individual Membership activation fees of(Platinum) and (Star Platinum) are reimbursable and a member may take the benefit provided by the club by way of availing a suitable tour package from the club for himself/herself and his family only @ 50% of the per package cost within one year from the date of the membership.

3. In the event of a member has earned commission for the business which s/he earned, which is less, equal or more than the Membership fees of INR 4,500 or INR 9,000, s/he will not be entitled to get a reimbursement of the amount.

4. In the event of a member, for any reason is unable to avail either of the benefit in the first year nor s/he earns any business commission, the same can be extended for the following year only at the discretion of Desnordestination Management and thereafter the membership amount will be kept deposited safely in a bank account for reimbursement of the membership amount by way of availing tour package against which only the membership amount can be adjusted @ 50% in each availed package as and when a member requests for the same. The members are responsible for updating their contact information and mailing address in their Desnordestination member profile and address list.

5. The registered members must be active immediately or within a reasonable time specified during registration. If you are not an active member by the deadline specified, you will not be eligible for the benefits mentioned above.

6. Desnordestination reserves the right to refuse service without reimbursement to any breaking rules or abusing their membership privileges.

7. only active members will be eligible for indirect income.

8. 15% service charge will be deducted from all ( direct and indirect ) payout.

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